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.htaccess template for 301 redirects

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Creating an HTML template with input fields for generating a .htaccess file with redirect rules involves a bit of HTML for the form and JavaScript to handle the input and generate the .htaccess content.

How It Works:

  1. User Input: The user enters the old URLs and new URLs into two separate text areas, one URL per line.
  2. JavaScript Function: The generateHtaccess function is triggered when the user clicks the "Generate .htaccess" button. It reads the URLs, splits them into arrays, and checks if the number of old URLs matches the number of new URLs.
  3. .htaccess Generation: The function then generates the content for the .htaccess file by iterating over the URLs and formatting them into Redirect 301 directives.
  4. Display Output: The generated .htaccess content is displayed in a <pre> tag.


  • This is a basic template and does not include advanced error handling or URL validation. You might want to add these features for a more robust tool.
  • The generated .htaccess content assumes that the URLs entered by the user are correctly formatted and appropriate for use in a Redirect 301 directive.
  • This tool runs entirely in the browser and does not send data to a server. It's a client-side solution.

You will get a HTML (1KB) file